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AAS Certification Program

The Department of Certification was created by the AAS in 1977 for the following purposes:

  • To provide training in various aspects of archaeology independent from an academic degree program
  • To serve as a source of trained and qualified avocational individuals who are prepared to assist the professional community on archaeological projects
  • To develop course standards and content for classes presented to the membership by Chapters or by the Department
  • To set standards for the certification of instructors of approved courses and for Chapter Archaeological Advisors
  • To consider applications for waivers for courses taken outside the Department
  • To arrange for classes for the general membership of the Society as appropriate.

Membership of the Department consists of a representative and alternate from each Chapter of the Society, members of the Certification Committee appointed by the State Chair, and five professional archaeologists (who do not have to be members of the Society).

Definition of Certification ยท Certification signifies that the individual has satisfactorily completed requirements for a class that presented certified material which was taught by an approved instructor thus possesses a level of knowledge in the subject area commensurate with the course objectives stated in the course syllabus.

The requirements for enrollment in the Certification Program are as follows:

  • Membership in the Arizona Archaeological Society, and
  • Submission of a completed application with the appropriate fee
On enrollment, the Department Recorder will do the following:
  • Issue a numbered Certificate to the enrollee, and
  • Create a certification file in which to place pertinent information on the enrollee

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